Abu Ghraib Stamps

April 23, 2007

If you remember my blog entry about Giuseppe Di Bella’s work, here is more of his project via his FlickR, reproduced here with permission:






  1. Intriguing work. Thanks for posting.

  2. […] story behind the Abu Ghraib series: Art and myself vs. the British anti-terrorist branch and the […]

  3. Hi Pete.

    I have posted the full story of the Abu Ghraib series and the story of the FBI and the British anti-terrorist branch.

    Best whishes.

  4. These stamps are amazing and eerily beautiful. I’m an artist too and found your site because I wanted to incorporate images from Abu Ghraib into my newest work. What a great statement. But I’m wondering, are they real? I mean the kind you can do yourself through the U.S. post office?

    Congratulations on such a powerful idea. (Could you please respond–if you do–to my email addres. Thank you! Jane

  5. Strong work. I too as an artist, am drawn toward a collision between conventional contexts and these beastial images. It utterly strips bare the hypocracy and denial behind it all.

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