IRL vs. Online experiments

April 21, 2007

Bill Thompson was scheduled to speak at the conference this morning, but had to stay at home due to personal matters. He was, however, talking to us live via Skype, and asked himself/us a really good question: how will he remember the event? Will he remember it as being in Manchester with us, or being at home, following the symposium from his desk? His reply seemed to be simple: “I will remember it as being blurry!”.

He then mentioned following the general elections with his friends online, all of them chatting and drinking behind their respective screens – “I remember quite vividly, he said, as being an event I was truly following with my friends”.

Fair enough Bill (maybe you will want to comment on this one)!


One comment

  1. It was strange taking part in the debate from my desk here, and having my son wander in and out while I was listening to Pedro’s talk, but I think it worked – will have to see what the audience thought.

    For those in Manchester I’m sure they will initially remember me as being on a big screen talking over the PA, because that is the unusual part of the experience for them, although it would be interesting to know what people remember in a year or so.

    However for me I was at home in an ordinary context, taking part in an event – and I will quickly remember the event rather than the context, so that it will become difficult to recall the fact that I was speaking online without effort. That’s what I mean when I say it’s ‘blurry’.

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