The Democratic Image

March 28, 2007

This un-missable symposium takes place in Manchester on 21st and 22nd April 2007 and goes to the heart of major debates in photography in a globalised, digitalised world.

During two days of discussion and related photographic events, leading practitioners, critics, curators, editors, activists, representatives of leading institutions, and representative community groups will ask: Who is taking photographs? Who is looking at them? Who decides what photography we see?

For more info, check the LOOK 07 website.

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  1. Who is taking photographs? Who is looking at them? Who decides what photography we see?

    For most contemporary UK art photographers the nearest they get to showing their work is to daydream about it while enjoying a cup of tea and a bite to eat in a gallery’s cafe. Both public and private art space is extremely limited and the frustration this brings is immense.

    We set up fee-free hosting site http://www.bananacake.org.uk in response to a need. The web offers opportunities for practising photographic artists to get work ‘out there’ – visible to an international audience and we want to be part of that, supporting people and encouraging new work.The economics of the internet means we can survive without finance from either funding bodies like the Arts Council – whose goals may not be our own – or commercial sponsers – whose ads would compete with the images on show. Truly remarkable is that even without promotion – which we can’t afford – photographers manage to find us and seem to appreciate what we are attempting to do.

    The affordability of technology has transformed the production and distribution of music and perhaps image making and transmission is similarly re-defining itself. The traditional values that some people feel to be under threat are those to do with ownership at many levels and consequently the process we are witnessing is deeply revolutionary. Therefore, at some point, the answer to all three questions that have been posed, may well be everybody.

    : D

    Pete McGovern

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